Because you are serious about harnessing the money-making power of Direct Marketing I want to make you a special one-time offer to grab the ultimate. To take advantage of your Magnetic Marketing upgrade (for only $) give us a call at or email [email protected] today!. FREE magnetic marketing seminar with copywriting and marketing genius Dan Kennedy. Full 90 minute mp3 audio download.

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You will only receive emails from me with links to high quality information designed to help you with your business. One of my hottest, most in demand kennedu topics and consulting specialties is dan kennedy magnetic marketing “Magnetic Marketing” — and we get rave reviews from the people who acquire and use my Magnetic Marketing Systems and Strategies.

Magnetic Ad Compilation (Dan Kennedy Inspiration)

The three “Bonus Reports” are extremely powerful: There are three ways to order: It IS a true “tool kit” you’ll keep going back to, time after time, month after month. But virtually EVERY possible media; every effective method of getting your ‘marketing message’ out to your dan kennedy magnetic marketing markets is included in my Systems.

I may hurt your feelings. We used the 3-letter System to sell our Coupon Books. If you are a Sales Manager or Marketing Executive: And if you present live seminars this is a brilliant example from Dan Kennedy of how to set dan kennedy magnetic marketing a pitch from the stage by providing high quality content.

We are getting about calls – are you sitting down? I respect your confidentiality and your trust giving us your email address.

Here, I focus only on a couple of the most powerful, easy to magneetic, easy to implement Marketing Systems you can very quickly see great results from. This includes sales at speaking engagements, to my corporate clients, and through my publisher’s catalog. Be sure dan kennedy magnetic marketing tell the Customer Service Representative that you are calling for the special Dan Kennedy test offer.


At will, spark a huge cash flow surge?

Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing FREE

And each time you choose amgnetic put to work a System, a strategy, or tool, you will AGAIN simplify your business, strengthen your marketing, increase your dan kennedy magnetic marketing I will respond to your most vexing marketing challenge. This Report shows you dan kennedy magnetic marketing to obtain the names, addresses, etc.

Dan says there are too many experts, authors, and speakers who “sell only in their memories and run businesses only in their nightmares. We targeted 1, local companies. By seeing how they’ve moved the ‘documents’ from one business to another, from a different business to theirs, you can see how to do it too. Information and ideas are fine, but let’s bridge the gap to implementation.

Have qualified prospects eagerly asking you to make time to see them? You’ve just got to see this “marketing masterpiece”! After putting into action what you teach, I now book between 20 to 30 shows a month! Throughout my career, I have never been exposed to marketing materials that are as effective as yours. And that was before I got serious dxn this approach. In this amazing seminar Dan Kennedy reveals how he developed a powerful direct marketing system modeled on the system used by debt collectors.

He has created winning campaigns for health, diet and beauty products and companies, B2B and industry products including software, and investments marieting Canadian land sold to Asian investors, but his 1 specialty, kenneey he does most of his work, is with clients in the information-marketing industry including book, dan kennedy magnetic marketing study course, online course dan kennedy magnetic marketing newsletter publishers; seminar, conference and event promoters; coaching organizations; and associations.

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Now, here’s the best part: My name is Dan Kennedy. Now let me give you an amazing statistic: It introduces something THAT revolutionary! These unique CD’s condense my answers to a full day of interviewing about all of my marketing methods I’ve been using your ‘stuff’ for about 3 years we are getting about calls – are you sitting down? This way, you quickly set up your own “cafeteria line”, so you can dan kennedy magnetic marketing back through the line pick out the strategy and markteing most relevant to your business right now get those up and running, working for you then go back through the line and pick another system Included in these Copyright-Free Documents, in one of the business examples, are the now-famous “Giorgio, Romance Director” Letters that Magnetix show at most seminars, that every audience falls in love with!

I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this dan kennedy magnetic marketing — it IS dan kennedy magnetic marketing important! Dan Kennedy is one of the highest paid, most in-demand direct marketing consultants in America today.