29 May Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol Manuscript- Free Download -. hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 of the hCG. Dr Simeons Manuscript Pounds And Inches. Below you can download the original Dr Simeons Manuscript Pounds And Inches, Jut click on the blue link below. dr simeons ebook download At Your HCG, all of our weight loss programs adhere strictly to Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches Manuscript. If you’ve done any .

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Though we may be able to increase the dieneephalic fat banking capacity by injecting HCG, this does not in itself affect the weight, just as transferring monetary funds from a dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript rr into a current account does not make a man any poorer; to become poorer it is also necessary that he freely spends the money which thus becomes available.

Weight alone is not a satisfactory criterion by which to judge whether a person is suffering from the disorder we call obesity or not. The pressure is then let off through another primitive channel, which is oral gratification.

Some patients are deeply attached to their fat and cannot bear the thought of losing it.

Even their sudden desire for sweets is merely the result of the experience that sweets, pastries and alcohol will most rapidly of all foods allay the pangs of hunger.

We do not yet know what diencephalic mechanisms are involved in gout; possibly emotional factors play a role, and dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript is worth remembering that the disease does not occur in women of childbearing age. Those in whom the disorder is severe will accumulate fat very rapidly, those in whom it is moderate will gradually increase in weight and those in whom it is mild may be able to keep their excess weight stationary for long periods.

In the course of this study three interesting things emerged. We do a blood-count and a sedimentation dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript and estimate uric acid, cholesterol, iodine and sugar in the fasting blood. On the contrary, most patients complained that the two meals of Calories each were more than they could manage, as they continually had a feeling of just having had a large meal.

A woman may gain weight during pregnancy, but she never becomes obese in the strict sense of the word. Possibly also the observation that normal persons — though not the obese — lose weight rapidly when their thyroid becomes overactive may dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript contributed to the false notion that thyroid deficiency and obesity are connected.

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When treatment is over, the blood is no longer saturated and can easily accommodate extra food without having dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript increase its volume. I have never yet seen or heard of such a lady being convinced by either procedure.

Even seemingly insignificant deviations, particularly those that at first sight seem to be an improvement, are very liable to produce most disappointing results and even annul the effect completely. Theses can help give you daily examples of how to eat. The diet dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript in conjunction with HCG must not exceed Calories per day, and the way these Calories are made up is of utmost importance.

It is entirely the result of the elimination of a mucoid substance, called myxedema, which the body accumulates when there is a marked primary thyroid deficiency. If then later this is artificially induced some weight may be regained. Unless this is so, we are entitled to harbor grave doubts as to whether a given treatment corrects the underlying disorder. Treatment may also be started later, but it is advisable to have at least ten days in hand before the onset of the next period.

At one time it was thought that this mechanism might be concerned with the sex glands. Send me the info now. Patients who observe this rule find that after treatment they have a perfectly normal bowel action and this delights many of them almost as much as their loss of weight.

On the days on which they do not receive the injections they usually feel a slight sensation of hunger. The bodily signs may be divided into such as have developed before puberty, indicating a strong inherited factor, and those which develop at the onset of manifest disorder.

It is made clear to him that during the course of treatment he must attend the clinic daily to be weighed, injected and generally checked. Just wanted to thank you a lot for the website!

But then we saw that the patients came to no harm even if treatment was continued and we found in follow-up examinations undertaken some months after treatment that the cholesterol was much better than it had been before treatment. There is no objection to breaking up the two meals.

In this way a patient may be brought to the brink of starvation dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript spite of having a hundred pounds of fat to spare.

The patient who is fooling himself is the one who has committed some trifling, offense against the rules but who has been able to convince himself that this is of no importance and dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript possibly account for the gain in weight.


Any content on hcgchica. The first is the structural fat which fills the gaps between various organs, a annd of packing material. Hitherto I could only refer those interested to my scientific papers, though I realized that these did not contain sufficient information to enable doctors to conduct the new treatment satisfactorily. Normal values are always regained a few days after the treatment is over. While we know that dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript stomach ever shrinks, we compromise by mannuscript that they eat frequently of highly concentrated foods such as milk chocolate, pastries with whipped cream sugar, fried meats particularly porkeggs and bacon, mayonnaise, bread with thick butter and jam, etc.

Under the influence of HCG, fat is being extracted from the cells, in which it is stored in the fatty tissue.

For such persons weight is no problem, as they can gain or lose at will and experience no difficulty in reducing their caloric intake.

Dr Simeons Manuscript Pounds And Inches

Here you will find several weeks of sample menus for all phases of the HCG Diet including gorge days, Phase 2, and Phase 3. The contents of two good sized eggs are roughly equivalent to grams of meat, znd fortunately the yolk contains a large amount of fat, which is undesirable.

In these cases Invhes have found that psychotherapy may make the patient fully understand the mechanism, but it does dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript to stop it.

I found being armed with this knowledge to be really important because the diet is not easy. This seems an important indication of.

Free Download Dr Simeons Manuscript for HCG Diet Info – Do-It-Yourself HCG

The next gland to be falsely incriminated was the anterior lobe of the pituitary, or hypophysis. In the beginning patients are advised to check every meal against their diet sheet before starting to eat and not to rely on their memory.

Any additional income, however little this may be, cannot be accommodated and the blood is therefore forced to mabuscript its volume sufficiently to hold the extra food, which it dr simeons pounds and inches manuscript only do in a very diluted form. When this abnormal trait is markedly present, obesity will develop at an early age in spite of normal feeding; this could explain why among brothers and sisters eating the same food at the same table some become obese and others do not.