3 Jun The gospel in the stars: or, Prímeval astronomy. by Seiss, Joseph Augustus, Publication date , c Topics Astronomy. The Gospel in the Stars has 66 ratings and 8 reviews. Kevin said: Truly astonishing to see God’s handiwork in every corner of Creation — and, most impor. The Gospel in the Stars has 2 ratings and 1 review. Kaylin said: An interesting look into how the constellations actually portray Christ, and how pagans.

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The Gospel in the Stars

Dave Hatcher rated it really liked it Sep 15, With no clear teaching in Scripture or for that matter, prior tothis sort of thing must fall under the categories of fables and endless genealogies 1 Timothy 1: It sounds like some sort of weird stats trick to turn a rabbit sejss gospel in the stars seiss snake, but Rolleston found a way to do that too. The two verses cited merely state that God has named the stars and the verses imply all the starsand we know this through the specific information given in these two divinely inspired verses.

A supernova stays bright longer than a nova, but it too gospel in the stars seiss.

But to conclude that gospel in the stars seiss two verses necessarily gospel in the stars seiss that God shared those names with Adam goes far beyond what the verses say and reads too much into them. If such extra-biblical revelation existed, all sorts of questions about the nature of special revelation and the preservation of that revelation arise. However, this is not true, for the inscriptions are the names, in Hebrew, of the zodiac signs.

Now, if the premise is that the names in the original language carried the true meanings of the names of the stars and constellations, and if that mother tongue was Hebrew, it would stand to reason that one ought to look for meanings in the Hebrew word for Orion. The primary claim of the gospel in the stars thesis is that the gospel story in the stars was known to patriarchs before the Flood, but in time was forgotten.

This seems to be an adequate explanation of the names. Therefore, it is a mystery as to where her arrangement of these decans came from.


The gospel in the stars : or, Prímeval astronomy

People become aware of the gospel in the stars by reading a book or an article, hearing a sermon, or watching a video or a presentation on the topic. If so, this would transform the centaur into a man. In the other hand he holds various things, but frequently it is a branch with heads popping out. In this profusely illustrated volume, discover the connections between the signs of the Zodiac and Christian gospel in the stars seiss the lion represents Jesus, for instance; the Gemini twins signify both the relationship of Adam and Eve as well as God’s relationship with his church.

Further, I have noted that the more fundamentalist the sect becomes, the more they read into elements to attempt to garner some Christian truth from it. I would not dogmatically state that this is indeed what these are, but I would gospel in the stars seiss rule out these few examples either. Only by the most creative touch could the scorpion be transformed into a serpent. Or, the Constellations Rolleston Ulugh Beigh, a Tartar prince and astronomer who lived about the middle of the fifteenth century, is considered to have transmitted the ancient Arabian science Rollestonpart 2, p.

It is most unfortunate that they have uncritically accepted Rolleston, Seiss, and Bullinger on its gospel in the stars seiss. The problem is, Mira was not listed by any ancient sources, and as such this name is of relatively recent origin.

The Gospel in the Stars really liked it 4. Rolleston found Hebrew root meanings for various common and traditional names associated with stars, and her successors uncritically followed her approach. There are several problems dealing with Gospel in the stars seiss Major.

Walter Maunder wrote Astronomy of the Bible: References to this gospel in the stars seiss the hair of Queen Berenice began appearing within a century after her death, and Ptolemy mentioned this faint grouping of stars as hair, but did not ascribe it to her Coma Berenices does have a hairy appearance, owing to the fact that it lacks any bright stars, but it makes up for im with the many faint stars in a cluster that one can easily pick out on a clear, dark night.


In recent years, Paul Kunitzsch, who is an Arabic scholar, has researched the history and origin of star names, and his work currently is considered the best on the subject.

Certainly, in light of the fact that Orion is mentioned twice in Job, arguably the gospel in the stars seiss book of the Bible, we have here the earliest name for Orion on record, seeing that the gospek ancient mention of Orion Aratus postdates Job by at least a millennium.

First, contrary to common belief among Christians, Muslims do not doubt the virgin birth of Jesus.

In Coming to grips with Genesised. Furthermore, this approach seriously underestimates the efficiency of oral transmission of information to reliably preserve truth due to the longevity and overlapping of generations in the early world see Wisepp. He was very popular to his readers, because his Jewish audiences generally were ignorant of these topics.

The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph A. Seiss

Yes, says Joseph A. Faith, form, and time: We do not even have translations or copies of books by known authors before about the eighth century BC.

Return to Book Page. The descriptions of the locations of the stars within the constellations allowed much later artists and cartographers to produce figures stard the constellations on atlases, planispheres, and star globes.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. She was the first to create an interest zeiss this important subject. Allen prepared a revision some years later, but this revision gospel in the stars seiss never published. How a scholar such as Bullinger could have missed this is amazing.

Furthermore, a scorpion is not a snake. In summation, the supposed biblical support for the gospel in the stars is very weak, amounting to a very oblique argument at best.

If that were the case, what gospel in the stars seiss purpose could that knowledge serve today? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.