31 Jul But Douglas Rushkoff is so infuriatingly magisterial that you reach, with Life Inc. is as fluent and well-researched as any of his books – but its. 3 Jul Review: Life Inc. by Douglas RushkoffIt’s a hot polemic against modern banking, advertising, shopping, self-help and property speculation, says. Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create” In Life Inc , award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations.

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Oh, I get it. The trick is to keep reading after the despair phase and I think that is where my three predecessors failed. He goes into more detail about the ideology of home ownership. Tell me what is working. Douglas Rushkoff is a widely known media critic and rushkoff. Adam Smith and his invisible hand were regulated by the pressures of neighbors and social values, not abstract speculation on derivatives and demolished trade barriers.

Yes it is true that the prisoner’s dilemma was first raised at the Rand Corporation and Nash did contribute some math regarding rushooff. Oct 12, Stewart rated it it was amazing.

Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back

He conjures up images of an idyllic period of European history before the Renaissance, the plague and the rise of the corporation. Well yes, our government was equally or even deeper in the pockets of corporate elites prior and during the depression of the thirties. A lot of mental gymnastics, all so as to avoid any responsibility for your actions.

Mistaking the map for the territory. While limited notes are in the back, there are statements of “facts” in the book with no source information listed.

Quotes from Life Inc.: There are multiple example in nearly every chapter. The resulting legislation prevented the colonists from making anything from the resources they grew or mined, and also defined as smuggling the import of tea from anyone other than the East India Company.


Life Inc: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back by Douglas Rushkoff

I liked hearing about salespeople in jewelry stores, and average folks at get-rich-quick conventions headlined by Donald Trump, and how Starbucks refused the request of the leader of Douglaz to use his country’s lief on their coffee because they wanted the branding benefits for themselves. Apr 28, William Wren rated it it was ok. An army of psychoanalysts were employed to craft the most enticing ads. After the utopian late middle ages when women were tall and no one worked too hard, centralised currencies and the rise of the corporation began to disconnect ordinary folk from one another.

We would think a society of trained merchants, managers and laborers are more specialized than one of self-taught artisans and inherently entrepreneurial shop-owners but managers didn’t want to hire highly skilled labor which could demand higher wages. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And more important, you can. We’ve removed everything of value from its context and in doing so we’ve removed the sense of awe that is a product of its uniqueness.

In reality, the Fortune are just names on huge piles of debt. Starts off discussing Trump’s Wealth Expos and who’s participating in them, as well as the overall goals of transferring bad land investments. Except, the economy was fluid, and most merchant businesses at the time were family run.

Rushkoff succeeds in tracing a clear and coherent history uncovering how arbitrary the rules of the modern economic game truly are. Coming up with solutions is hard. Monetarism and its critique of Keynes is the main idea used in Reagonomics. This criticism may sound pedantic. Google, which knows everything about us to a degree governments could only dream of and boy, do they dream.


rushkogf Few texts stand any chance of truly changing your mind, let along saving the world. Statements, which upon researching, I either could not confirm or confirmed partially but not in keeping with the presentation.

Feb 05, Scott Bartlett rated it it was amazing. That sounds awfully similar to the Secret or those other self-help scams you were talking about earlier, Douglas.

Indeed, as Rushkoff shows, most Americans have so willingly lifr the values of corporations that they’re no longer even aware of it. This book will help.


Corporations have bankrupted America–fiscally, socially and nutritionally. If you do move past despair, then eerily or perhaps not-at-all-coincidentallyyou will experience the self-preservation phase shortly before reading about it.


Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back by Douglas Rushkoff

About Douglas Rushkoff Douglas Rushkoff is a widely known media critic and documentarian. Whether others agreed with this idea or not was irrelevant, in a sense. This book is basically a long, well written and thought out rant.

During the past 40 years, corporations have duoglas themselves into every aspect of American life and bought undue influence in Congress and state legislatures. I was not able to wrap my brain around everything Rushkoff had to say, so I’ll probably need to listen to it again. As we all know or do we? Rushkoff’s incredible critique of capitalism and corporatist values. People and groups became “individuals” all with their own web pages and Myspace profiles to be sold to market researchers.

From the Rishkoff edition.