Tbilisi metro system is the first in Caucasus and the fourth in the USSR. Today there are two lines, Akhmeteli–Varketili Map of Tbilisi Metro. Map of Tbilisi Metro. 2 Nov Many elements of Tbilisi’s underground railway system struck my While inside a station, you will notice that directions and maps are not. Trains run every few minutes. Stops are well marked in English. The cost is minimal (half a lari) but you need to get a Metro card, put a little money on it and.

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With the lack of platform information this makes navigation quite difficult as you have to listen carefully to the audio announcements sometimes they are difficult to hear even though they are in Georgian and English – Cyrillic is nowhere to be seen on the system.

You can easily check these from Tbilisi Transport Company website. Is there a recommended dress code for this place or activity? However, the crime has reduced as a result of security tbolisi administration reforms in the system from to Does this place or activity offer free wi-fi? Response from Travelkeda Reviewed this property.

This new high resolution Tbilisi Metro network map with tbiliai you can download for personal use by clicking on the image below.


During the ‘s it reached its current length of Notify me of new comments via email. Consequently, its construction began in the next few hbilisi, after the project was accepted. It goes at a regular speed Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia: Transfer from Tbilisi Airport.

Later I imagined — may be it is too much for such a short rides, which not exceed 30 minutes driving on longest First Line line between both end stations.

Even at peak hour there was plenty tbilii space on the trains. Most of the metro stations are underground and are beautifully decorated.

Imagine a regular escalator. Remember that you have come to visit Georgia, not New Zealand! Regardless, the project is currently frozen, and there is no clear indication that it will be resumed any time soon.

However there are limited stops and it can be very busy at times but would recommend the experience and some of the stations are worth a look with their soviet style Mefro have two main ways to pay for their use of the metro: To reach it, users can take a bus that heads directly to the terminal.

Administrative divisions Cities and towns Tbilisi Regions more. Wondering whether this lack of hurry to the escalators is caused by any particular factors — the heat, for example — I share my impressions with a Georgian friend. Views Read Edit View history.


Tbilisi Metro

Due to Tbilisi’s uneven landscape, the Metro, particularly the Akhmeteli-Varketili linehas one surface-level section. It would probably connect to the existing metro system through Didube station, on Line 1. However, the original ticket of purchase must be presented with it to be valid.

While under soviet rule, Tbilisi experienced a large industrial expansion, and was considered the 4th most important city in the union.

New Tbilisi Metro network map

It serves 6 stations and the metro train runs between Vagzlis Moedani and Delisi. It was infact, the fourth metro network to open in the region, in the year Many of the tbjlisi that head to Tbilisi seek it for its historical past, specially as a part of the fallen Soviet Union.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can catch a 1line metro train from Didube to Rustaveli.

Tbilisi Metro – Wikipedia

Reviewed 4 weeks ago An efficient and cheap way to go around the city. This schedule is the same for all days of the week, including Sundays. Guramishvili – Akhmetelis Teatri. State Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema.