by Team COLINDA, a subsidiary of White-Boucke Productions. All rights reserved. the. official UnDutchables. ®. website, inspired. by the popular book. The UnDutchables. (English language). The UnDutchables was the first book to humorously and mercilessly expose the odd characteristics of the Dutch. Now in . 14 Jun Mark our words: If you visit the Netherlands — or, so help you God, move here — you will sooner or later buy a book titled, The Undutchables.

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When I actually read it, it is not as interesting as I thought: This book contains some good information for those interested ubdutchables learning about life in the Netherlands. Red Notice Bill Browder. Cynically informative, it is exactly what you need to know about being Dutch! Book ratings by Goodreads.

Many of the topics are only relevant to adult culture of a fairly undutchanles time, which I didn’t notice much of at undktchables age of 13 20 years ago. I had read the reviews on amazon a while ago and that got me interested. Jul 29, Tammy rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is allegedly a “bible” of all things Dutch.

Recommended as a unducthables read, really light and you can go through it at any pace you wish without much bother I actually chewed it for a better part of the whole year and it’s still good. This post was last updated: But please take it with a huge grain of salt! I think it can be quite amusing and even educative for people who plan on going to the netherlands. As I do have quite a lot of foreign friends, I hear these stories on a daily base and off course, I outline the odd sides of their countries as well and mostly can see the homor of it.


Some facts in the books are dead-on, but some others are exaggerated or not applicable anymore. In the end, I would still recommend people visiting the Netherlands to browse through The Undutchables for a laugh and some – one-sided – inside information on the Dutch. Its Culture And Its Inhabitants.

They were VER Despite my pretty recent edition a lot of the information the authors offer is either outdated or simply not true. Its use is not limited to any individual calendar year, and can thus last a lifetime, which is probably why it is so popular amongst cloggies. As a Canadian living in the Netherlands I often feel like a complete alien.

Neither the family nor the doctor can initiate the procedure, which has very clear and strict rules. To view it, click here. Extinct Stuff Discontinued Products. Niet grappig genoeg om grappig te zijn, en niet serieus genoeg om serieus te zijn. Presents an in-depth humorous look at Dutch life, quirks, customs, and character, with observations of Dutch behavior in the Netherlands and abroad; includes appendices on Dutch idioms, expressions, and homonyms.

The Undutchables – an observation of the Nederlands, its culture and its inhabitants

Bekijk de hele lijst. They even boo, me of Rick Santorum stating that elderly Dutch people wear bracelets with the message “no euthanasia please”.

I personally own a booi from one of the first printings of the book, and recently managed to buy the current, much expanded version. Its Culture and Its Inhabitants 3. It is very bad for your heart. I must say that it does capture many of the funny quirks that make the Dutch people Dutch, making them different from the rest of us.

Especially about the part that when we excuse ourselves we say “sorry hoor”now I undutchaboes that sounds for a Foreigner like you sorry whore. I never forgot my heritage, but I neglected it, except when gathering with members of the fa “They [the Dutch] migrate through an osmosis-like process whereby they assimilate into their new-found culture so easily and so well that even they at times appear to forget their roots.


If you are Dutch and would like to purchase a copy as well — without being detected by fellow Dutch folks who might brand you as a traitor — either buy the book online or at the American Book Center. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recensie s De Nederlander bekeken door de ogen van een Amerikaan en een Engelse die hier geruime tijd gewoond hebben.

And the telephone diagnosis of the doctor sometimes it is really his assistant has happened to friends of A funny book about undutchabls Dutch.

The UnDutchables – Wikipedia

Nowadays, there are so many excellent expat blogs, forums and sources of online information that it’s time this book was taken off the market. Toon meer Toon minder. The book is updated every years. This is a book which has elicited a strong reaction in me, and I found myself constantly taking notes, partly because so much has changed since this edition was published. Memory Laantje Framed collection of some UnDutchables memories.

Anyone interested in Dutch and Northern European culture. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

In spite of the fact that one of the authors is British used to a National Health Service and social security, I found that their view of the Dutch welfare state is exceptionally American, unable to see it as a safety net for those who need undutchablex.